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Guide för första inköpet

Babalow butik på nätet / 2010-12-09
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If you are reading this article that means you are browsing or visiting our web site.You will find you are interested in it.

Here we give some tips on how to approach the site in the first few times and answer the questions that most frequently asked by new users. 

Order directly on the website or by modules.

1. If you place the order via availability form, please downloaded here:Order Form.xls. According to the instructions, fill the form and then send it to the email address babalow@babalow.com . Following, the electronic invoice will be sent to your email address with which you can arrange the payment by credit card, paypal or Postepay.

2. If you want to order from the site, follow the procedure below.

1) To purchase,it's very simple.Just register or not, add the items in your cart,then leave the detailed address of the recipient and determine the shipping method(Generally,DHL we highly recommend for those who making their first purchase and China Post is the main).


2) Be patient on the delivery of goods.The delivery time is generally fixed, and occasionally be carried forward or back.If you buy and believe that the package starts the same day, or after a short nap to get home,you're wrong!So,please think clearly before place an order.Averagely, we need 3-4 days to handle your orders. That's not only bulk orders, sometimes you may only buy one. There are many reasons.Such as,there may be a large number of orders in front of you, or you purchased the product very special to be customized (for example, wedding dress, or sexy shoes),the courier delays (there are many cases like that, especially because the couriers, in recent years, have always overflowing warehouses), festivities(New Year's Eve and early May, we had lots of problems and protests), etc.


3) Elucidation of customs duties: the duty amounts to no less than 600kr . Often there are even higher amounts to 600kr. There are few users who have reported to have paid the duty. With the courier, however, the odds higher than with registered mail. It 's a matter of package volume and luck , but if you happen to pay should be around 50kr fateful. At the situation you exceed 600kr by express courier,you need to pay the customs amounts much higher. So the advice to send by registered mail if not hurry. Although it's slow, it avoids any problems with customs.


4) Problem of Mark. We can not do mark for international shipping, if you have perplexity, but want to work with us, we suggest you to order the lesser amount and see what it is.


5) Sites for package tracking.

DHL: www.dhl.com

Subsidiaries of FedEx: www.fedex.com

China Post (delivered by the Destination Post Office) :http://intmail.183.com.cn/icc-itemtraceen.jsp

Ten days or so after the departure, please connect the links http://www.17track.net/IndexEn.html and select your country.Then you will find your local post office site.


6) Invoice:you can request an invoice or not,but if required we will make it there,and we'll send scanned email.


7) Additional costs:there are charges in more to add at the end of the orders.If you choose to pay with paypal, know that there are more to be paid 5kr per order,because the paypal take a very high percentage of transactions.We try to bring down the minimum of the acquirers.Cost of remote areas, unfortunately, are those most hateful. I'm adding a few dollars for those people who only consider courier to remote areas. For now, only two regions are considered totally remote areas, they are Sicily and Sardinia.Who did small orders strongly recommend registered mail (delivery through the Destination Post Office),for Express going to pay 140kr for a broken order of 200kr. With registered mail because you only pay 69kr and it 'still traceable.


These are the questions that users make to us much often.In the future if there were such questions, please refer this brief introduction.


For any requirement, please contact us via email babalow@babalow.com or leave messages on the forum.


Welcome everyone.




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Oregistrerade användare: Feedback ranking ( 2012-04-24 00:50:33 )
Mi avete mandato un sollecito di pagamento per un mio ordine in data 2012-04-02 (2012040267894)ma ho difficoltà ad inserire il mio pagamento, come faccio?? Posso pagare con Postapay?
Please don't worry. We have send the Receivables single to your mailbox.After clicking,you can go to the Paypal to complete the payment. Please ensure that the shipping address is correct.Thank you.
Oregistrerade användare: Feedback ranking ( 2011-11-15 12:24:35 )
se faccio un ordine dalle marche inferiore a 60 euro con posta raccomandata. quanto vengo a pagare di spese extra rispetto alla merce??
Paga solamente 2.90 di spedizioni piu' 1.50 di immpacchettamento.
porzia: Feedback ranking ( 2011-11-14 10:33:05 )
salve, vorrei acquistare qualche prodotto da voi, quale spedizione mi consigliate'? e a quanto ammontano le spese di spedizione??? grazie
Consigliamo corriere espresso per la prima spedizione, costa 11.90 euro.
osvaldo: Feedback ranking ( 2011-11-10 22:20:53 )
vorrei acquistare un vibratore di una buona qualità
Provi a cercare quel che fa per lei sul sito.
osvaldo: Feedback ranking ( 2011-11-10 22:18:32 )
cosa devo commentare?
mi sembra ottimo vorrei saperne di più sugli articoli

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